GolfXPress 2.16

Keep all your golf stats on your Mac


  • Allows multiplayer statistics
  • Gives a breakdown of your performances


  • Doesn't output to spreadsheets

Very good

If only golf were part of the Olympics this year then this might be a very useful program for those aspiring to win gold - as it is, it's still worth having if you're a golf enthusiast.

GolfXPress allows you to keep track of the courses you play, the scores you came away with and many other useful stats that could be used to improve your game. There isn't much to GolfXPress in terms of interface - it's nothing more than a small app that has a few fields you can fill in. These include the courses you play, the rounds you've made, the par of the course and of course, your final score.

Afterwards, GolfXPress can calculate detailed statistics of your average performance, Stableford scores, best rounds and even keep track of how many lessons you've had and how much you're spending on tuition and green fees.

It's a shame you can't output some of this data to Excel or other spreadsheets to show off to your friends but as a basic golfing monitor, GolfXPress is an above par app.

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GolfXPress 2.16

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